What do we do?


LandTest specialises in subsurface ground investigation.

We provide accurate, reliable, efficient and cost effective ground assessment outputs, for the purpose of geotechnical and structural analysis. To achieve this we use the latest European and American cutting edge equipment designed specifically for the assessment of most subsurface conditions. We are specialists in gathering subsurface data and work closely with consulting engineers, who use this information to provide reporting for ground design solutions.

Whilst we are not geotechnical engineers, we are specialists in providing ground soil parameters to the industry. Our equipment is new and agile, allowing us to access tight and technically challenging sites that traditional rigs cannot reach. Our investment in the latest technology enables us to perform accurate and calibrated CPTu, DPSH, Sonic and Rotary and GPR testing. New for 2016 we have also begun offering aerial photography as part of our work, which is requestable by clients.

Our professionally trained staff ensure that the data is collected accurately and, through our live scheduling system, is provided on time and to budget.




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